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Magnesium Hydroxide as Neutralization Agent of Acid Wastewater

Commercial name: Brucite
Chemical content: Mg(OH)2
Physical property of Magnesium Hydroxide: It is soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution and it is almost insoluble in water and alcohol. Solubility of the Magnesium Hydroxide (18 ℃) is 0.0009 g / 100 g in water. It is easy to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. When heated to 350 ℃, it comes into magnesium oxide and water.
Application: Neutralization agent of acid wastewater.

Product feature for Neutralize acid wastewater:

1. No matter what kind of acid it neutralizes, its PH value is not more than 9.
2. Magnesium hydroxide is a relatively slow neutralizer. It will not scale even used to neutralize sulfuric acid.
3. Because of the activity and absorption ability of magnesium hydroxide, heavy metal will be absorbed during neutralization.
4. Magnesium hydroxide is uneasy for deposition; it is also featured with good liquidity, convenient transportation by pump and easy storage.
5. There is no need to use anticorrosive equipment since Magnesium hydroxide is not corrosive and it is completely non-toxic and harmless.

Data Sheet

Grade XK-325 XK-1250 XK-5000 XK-10000
Mg(OH)2 content % 94 94 94 94
Moisture content % 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Loss on ignition % 31 31 31 31
Particle Size D97 45 18 6.5 3
D90 38 15 5.5 2
D50 15 4 2 1.5
Specific surface area (m2/g) ≤6 ≤6 ≤8 ≤8
Density (g/cm3) 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.3
Oil absorption (ml/100g) 50 55 55 55
Whiteness (R45T%) 90 92 95 96
Specific conductivity (uS/cm) 350 350 350 350
Stearic acid % 0.5~2 (will be coated according to customer demands) Grade: XK-1250SA, XK-5000SA, XK-10000SA
Silane % 0.5~1 (will be coated according to customer demands) Grade: XK-1250S, XK-5000S, XK-10000S

Compare of the 4 Kinds of Neutralization Agent of Acid Wastewater

Item Ca(OH)2 Sodium carbonate Caustic soda Mg(OH)2
Shape Ca(OH)2 powder Ca(OH)2 35% sizing Solid sodium carbonate or 15% solution 50% Solution Mg(OH)2 58% sizing
Consumption H2SO4 687KG(Solid) 982 KG(Solid) 741 KG(Solid) 541 KG(Solid)
HCl 923KG(Solid) 1318 KG(Solid) 1000 KG(Solid) 727 KG(Solid)
Reacting time Fast reacting until neutralized. Fast and Intense reacting until neutralized Moderation reacting until 95% neutralized
Solid H2SO4 1600 KG(Solid) 1318 KG(Solid) 1318 KG(Solid) 1118 KG(Solid)
HCl 1380 KG(Solid) 1460 KG(Solid) 1460 KG(Solid) 1266 KG(Solid)
Max PH value over dosage 12 >11 14 9
Sludge property CaSO4 (Neutralize H2SO4 ) Like colloidal materials, absorb heavy metal together Settling density is big, and absorb heavy metal
Safety Medium dangerous materials Dangerous materials Safe materials
Environment characteristic Over set PH value Effluent is Sodium salt Effluent is Sodium salt, may over set PH value Buffer Solution when PH is 9


25kg/bag PP woven bag with PE liner/paper bag with PE liner
1000kg/bag, Jumbo bag


Store in dry and cool place, and keep away from moisture


This is not dangerous product. Please make sure that there are covers avoid raining and moisture during transportation.
Magnesium HydroxideMagnesium Hydroxide
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